Kenya - a country with nature, animals, culture and adventures that is never ending! Also - if you want - a place to get involved and care!

We offer either Tourism or Volonteer work – or a combination! We believe in “The Real Adventure & Care”. Therefore you can experience anything from safari and wildlife to visit and even work at our school for children in need – or visit our Childrens Home in the slum of Nairobi.

We believe in a real connection to people, culture, nature and the society you visit. Therefore we also have local people working with us, who know everything that is necessary to know to make your visit safe, comfortable – and not the least: Very realistic.

Our good local contacts and knowlede as well as our determination to focus on few and important values has resulted in two projects:

School and Childrens home 

School fees are high and diffucult for many families to manage in Kenya. The school for young children that we are working with, takes care of children whos parents can not afford to pay for their education.

Some of the children have the school as their “home” – they have nowhere else to live. Many of them have had a childhood that they should never have had: hunger, lonliness, beating and being used by adults.

In the school that we support we have a dedicated Principal, teachers and staff – dedicated to give good education, but also – and very important – go give the children love, care, food, and shelter so they have a safe place!