A fantastic school for fantastic kids

The school we cooperate with and support is in Nairobi and has a wonderful Head Master and staff as well as kids! The education and care for the kids is at a high level.

For some parents, the school fee in Kenya is very high and even impossible to pay for. “Our” kids that attend the school come from a background where it is impossible to pay for education – even impossible for some kids to eat & and sleep at home.

So, through hard work from the staff, local donations and help from Kenwild Adventure & Care, we want to make it possible for them to get education, safety and also food and a place to sleep at. And the staff working here is special.

When I asked the Head Teacher what is the education based ond, I was expecting a “high flying” philosophy that is quite common in Sweden/Europe, but he said:

“Love & care: We base our education and everything surrounding edukation like talking, laughing, eating, sleeping etc – it is all based on love and care. Because, our kids here have all gone through very tough times, so they need love & care first of all.”