Homeless children in the slum: care and education

In the heart of the slum in Nairobi there is – in spite of all difficulties – a HOME for children that nobody cared for – but here they are all welcome.

Children found in the street, at the bus station or even in the garbage as new born to a few years old, can get a home at the Good Samaritan Children Home. For about 25 years ago two kids knocked on the door to Mama Mercy : “We do not have a place to live…” And she took care of them and started something fantastic.

Now she and the fantastic staff (many volonteers) take care of about 570 children! The love and care is enormous, but also the tough and clear demand of the kids to behave and especially: Get educated! It is very impressive! Apart from safety, love and to learn a good behaviour, the kids are taught to put all energy into studying.

Kenwild Adventures & Care supports this home with volonteers working and funds that are aquired.